Love Is Blind Season 5 Finale Recap, Episode 10: Big, Big Love

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The last episode of Love Is Blind ended with a cliffhanger. Lydia and Milton had gotten into a fight over her being more emotional about Uche than Milton would have liked. Lydia had wondered if they were good. We never got the answer, just like it wasn’t certain if Stacy really forgave Izzy for failing to disclose he didn’t have any credit cards. How did she go several weeks not noticing the guy only paid in cash?

Everyone must have been good, at least for now, because they skipped right to their wedding days. Nick and Vanessa Lachey wondered if the couples would say I do to the person they fell in love with, sight unseen. Or, would they walk away forever to find someone who has a credit score over 720? Let’s find out!

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It was finally Stacy and Izzy’s wedding day. Stacy rolled up in a white Rolls Royce and made a mental note that her future husband would have a fancy car and driver for her at all times. She got into glam and exclaimed how hot Izzy was. Stacy told her family she seemed sure she was going to marry him. Even though he’d never had Peruvian food, a passport, and his favorite restaurant was Chipotle. Her family said that was a guy thing and he seemed sweet. But Stacy seemed put off by it all. 

Izzy got dropped off at the bus stop and showed up with several Subway five dollar footlongs to feed his groomsmen. He told them he was wreck about his credit score hurting his relationship with Stacy. To him, love had no price tag. Has he met his fiancée? Izzy wrote Stacy a note and had his friend pass it over to her. Stacy said this was the first time he wrote her a note unprompted. Her mom wondered if Izzy had told her everything, and warned her not to ignore any red flags. But Stacy liked the look of herself in her wedding dress and didn’t seem to pay attention to her mom’s warning.

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Izzy nervously waited at the alter as Stacy walked down the aisle to him. He said that she was tough to crack, but a tender person once the walls were broken down. Stacy said she liked how he made her think with her heart and be a better person. Then they were asked if they would say I do. Izzy said, “I do,” and Stacy paused and said, “Not today, Izzy!” She needed more time and would have been doing him a disservice if she had said yes. Doh! 

Stacy walked off leaving Izzy at the alter. He graciously thanked everyone for coming and got a round of applause as he walked out. He told his mom he had given all he could. She shared it was better to be hurt now rather than later. Stacy bluntly told her mom she had no regrets. Bad credit, paper plates, and no private jet was a no go, sorry not sorry. Izzy then ran into Stacy on their way out. She told him she did love him and was happy the pressure was gone. Izzy said he would always wonder with her when it would be the right time. And that would be when his bank account had seven figures in it. Izzy told her he deserved to have a love like in the movie Titanic. Then he walked off into the sunset to find the Rose to his Jack.

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Lydia arrived wearing the word “Bride” plastered all over her clothes and on a placard hanging around her neck. I think she was excited to get married. She told her family she wasn’t nervous and had zero doubts. They wondered if Milton would be partying all the time because he was 24. Lydia reassured everyone that wasn’t the case, and they had great communication. She just didn’t want Milton to judge how she handled Voldemort, aka he who must not be named, Uche. 

Milton needed a raise because he worked until two in the morning the night before his wedding day. His friends wondered how he felt. He paused and said it was all Gucci, baby. Milton brought up his worries about Lydia being emotional, and his friends reassured him she would be different in 10 to 15 years. Then Milton’s dad warned him the honeymoon phase ended after the Earth made two orbits around the sun. Milton pondered if he needed to be as nervous as everyone else was for him. 

All data points lead to true love Photo Credit: Netflix

The couple weren’t nervous as they stood at the alter. Lydia said she fell in love with him because he chose her from the start. Milton shared he never had a doubt about Lydia, and she inspired him to be more. His sister smiled, so maybe she finally approved of their relationship. Lydia quickly said I do. Milton paused and finally agreed. Lydia’s mom looked like she was about to have a heart attack. A bit too eager, Milton went in for a kiss. The pastor joked it wasn’t time for that yet! Milton was definitely the star of the season. 

The happily married couple then left the venue to celebrate. They argued over how to pop champs, and Milton posed in Lydia’s vail. He shared all data points led to the right decision. Lydia countered they were imperfectly perfect for each other. Milton didn’t understand what she meant, but the math was definitely mathing for these two. 

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The episode ended with a quick update on the rest of the cast. Taylor wondered if she should have accepted Jared “JP’s” awkwardness and name calling, and tried to live with him. It would have equaled more TV time after all. JP noted he’d try not to be as awkward in his next relationship. Uche said he should have created a more safe environment for Aaliyah. Not judging her would have been a start. Aaliyah shared this experience challenged her in ways she’d never been challenged before. 

Johnie learned she’s not a perfect person who made the best decisions. However, she noted that she is capable of having a healthy relationship. And that would be with Chris. Chris summarized that love is truly blind. For him, the emotional connection brought out the physical one. He then advised everyone to follow their heart. And that was a wrap for Season 5!

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