Rumors Fly Taylor Swift Broke Up With Travis Kelce Recorded New Song

A viral TikTok started a rumor that Taylor Swift broke up with Travis Kelce and recorded a new song about it. Did this actually happen? Or are these two still an item? Keep reading to get the details.

Snopes Does Fact Check On This Rumor

Snopes did a fact check on this rumor and it turns out that this was a fake TikTok and not true at all. It went viral though getting over 6 million views. The title read “Taylor Swift’s first single after breaking up with Travis Kelce.” Of course, everyone knows that Taylor does like to write breakup songs, but she doesn’t always admit who they are about. Now, she does have one song titled “Dear John” that everyone knows who is about without a doubt.

The song actually appeared to be made by AI instead of by Taylor Swift. It is a bit corny and doesn’t sound like something that Taylor would write at all. The voice does sound like her, though. Obviously, more of these are going to come up on TikTok. You can check it out below.

How Are Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce actually seem to be doing well. These two have been spotted together and she has made it to a couple of his football games already. They are still in the early stages of their relationship. If they are going to break up and he is going to get a song about him, it isn’t happening just yet. Taylor still has some time to experience life with Travis and come up with some lyrics about him.

You never know if a song might come out about Travis, but hopefully, it will be a love song instead of a breakup song. That is what the fans would like to hear because so many want to see Taylor get her happy ending.

Taylor Swift is at the Kansas City Chiefs game once again tonight and sitting with his mom ready to watch him play. Hopefully, Travis Kelce does get to play because he had a small injury to his ankle recently. Fans really do want to see him in the game tonight.

Taylor Swift looks so freaking excited to watch Travis Kelce play. They have the sweetest and the cutest relationship in 2023

— Sunshine (@MrSunshine911) October 13, 2023

What do you think of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as a couple? Do you think that these two will last? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as a couple.

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