‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Kody Brown Reveals Favorite Daughter?

Kody Brown definitely has a favorite wife, and it seems that he has a favorite daughter because she gets on well with Robyn. In a preview for this week’s episode of Sister Wives, the patriarch gushed about his daughter. Meanwhile, Robyn gushed about her son-inlaw.

Sister Wives Preview Reveals Kody Brown In A Good Mood

The last time that TLC fans saw the former spiritual husband of Christine Brown happy, was when he jumped into the pond in Flagstaff. After several extremely toxic seasons, he looks and sounds happy. The rare scenes of him almost smiling came when Mykelti and Tony Padron took Avalon along to celebrate her birthday with them. As the show gets filmed a long time before it airs, the little girl was much smaller in the recent teaser than she is today.

Kody Brown really favors Robyn’s kids, as evidenced by the fact that their business, DABSARK LLC is listed with only her kids in it. However, he has got a lot of time for Mykelti. Actually, many reality TV fans hate that Christine’s daughter defends Robyn from critics. Recall, that she attended Avalon’s birth remotely. And then, she was present when the twins, Ace and Archer arrived. However, Christine doesn’t seem to mind.

Kody in his “pond” (aka pit of prairie dog plague) #SisterWives @Surviving_Pod pic.twitter.com/ZVV9JMB7bk

— Bridget Nickerson (@badwolfbridget) November 22, 2021

Sister Wives Kody Brown Gushes On Avalon’s Birthday

Today reported that the preview for the reality TV show revealed that “Mykelti Padron is still close to her father and his fourth wife.” You can watch the video further down in this article. TLC fans know that when she was a teenager, her dad suggested that she help Robyn out with the kids. So, for some months, she lived with them. A close bond developed between Robyn and Christine’s daughter. In the teaser, Christine seemed totally fine with it.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown Gushes Over Mykelti And Robyn – TLC YouTube

Kody Brown’s only remaining wife was spotted out and about shopping with Mykelti at Christmas last year.  So, that means the happy moments on Avalon’s birthday are probably not scripted. As everyone gathered around the cute kid inside Robyn’s home, her grandfather said, “Amidst all the struggles we’re having as a family, I love that Mykelti is still warm to us.”  The Sister Wives patriarch added, “She wants a relationship with Robyn. She wants us to have a relationship with Avalon.” 

Robyn Loves Tony Padron

Kody Brown credited Tony Padron for keeping Mykleti warm. So did Robyn who also gushed. She said, “Tony and I really get each other. He’s a good kid. I can’t say ‘kid.’  He’s not really a kid. But I mean compared to me, he’s a kid.”

Are you amazed that Mykelti and Tony Padron are still so close to Robyn after her mom, Christine divorced Kody Brown? What about Christine Brown? Are you surprised that she doesn’t seem to mind her daughter being in bed with the enemy so to speak? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives updates. Tune in on Sundays to watch the TLC show.

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