Still Up Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Road Trip

Danny battled through his agoraphobia during Still Up Season 1 Episode 6 and he did it for Lisa.

But will realizing that Lisa plans to marry Veggie send him back into his home for another three years?

Or will Amy be willing to convince Danny to leave the protection of his safe zone and explore the world?

When you think about it, the women in Danny’s life have a profound effect on him.

Danny’s anxiety attacks and agoraphobia began after he and Chloe broke up, and three years later, the hope of reuniting with her had him applying for a job in Los Angeles. 

It says something about Danny that he’s viewed their breakup as both their fault even though Chloe cheated on him.

The few times Danny has talked about Chloe, it’s clear that he has an idealized view of her. Did discovering from Lisa that Chloe cheated on him with not just one but three different men change that?

For goodness sake, I hope so, or Danny may truly be a hopeless case.

And Lisa being in distress was the impetus for him finally setting foot outside once again.

Danny’s neighbors, Adam and David, otherwise known as Cat Man, trying to help Danny was oddly sweet. Odd is the dominant descriptor, as we see in the following Still Up quote.

David: You can borrow my bicycle if you like.
Danny: Thank you, David, but I don’t think that’s going to get me there quick enough.
David: You can take the basket off.
Danny: Right. Wait, does that make it faster?
David: I don’t know. I’ve never taken the basket off before.

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But Danny will do almost anything for Lisa, including battle through his sense of panic to rescue her from her own stupidity.

Lisa was intentionally reckless. Yes, people tend to drink to excess at a hen or, as we call it in the States, a bachelorette party, but Lisa ordered ten tequila shots and then started to down them all on her own.

We don’t know if she finished them all, and I’d hope not, as that might be enough alcohol to kill someone, but it shouldn’t have come as a shock that she passed out soon after.

And did Lisa’s friends really think she went to the ladies’ room and then just bailed on them without a word? I’m not sure who that reflects more poorly upon, Lisa or her supposed friends.

I suppose Lisa can’t be blamed for eating the laced cookies, but how was she eating them all night long? Did she stuff a dozen or so of them in her handbag before heading to the loo?

But Lisa’s biggest issue has to do with her feelings for Veggie.

On some level, I’m sure she loves him. He certainly appears to love her, or is it that being with Lisa provides him with the family life he’s always wanted?

During Still Up Season 1 Episode 5, Veggie’s mom told Lisa that Veg had always wanted to be someone’s stepdad, and he’s got that with Poppy.

From what we’ve seen, Veggie, Lisa, and Poppy’s home life is stable and happy. But is that enough for Lisa?

Lisa’s mother was quick to figure out that Lisa might be looking for more during Still Up Season 1 Episode 3.

Mom: What that man lacks in personality, he makes up for in reliability. I think he’s great.
Lisa: Yeah, I know he’s great.
Mom: But you don’t owe anyone anything in this life, Lis. If you’re questioning things, if you’re having doubts, if that’s what this is, then it’s okay. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

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I wish we knew more about what persuaded Lisa to move in with Veggie. Was it love, convenience, a live-in father figure for her daughter, or something else?

Has Lisa always suffered from insomnia, or is that something that began after her relationship with Veggie?

And since we’re asking questions, how the heck did Danny and Lisa find one another in the first place? They must have been a part of the same friend group, as Lisa was chatting with others about Chloe cheating on Danny, but I’d like to know more.

But what’s most disturbing is that Lisa seems resigned to marrying Veggie. You should want to marry someone, not just marry them, because you can’t come up with a good reason not to do so.

Since Veggie mentioned Lisa having her own hen party at some point, it sounds like his mother was right, and Lisa should expect a proposal in the near future.

We can assume that a confrontation between Lisa and Veggie has to be coming, and a proposal seems like the catalyst for it. Will Lisa actually turn him down? Or will she say yes, but Veggie will realize she isn’t as thrilled by the idea as she should be?

What about Danny? Now that he’s out of his home, will he lead a more normal life? Will his insomnia dissipate if he’s able to get out in the world again? And is insomnia Lisa and Danny’s only real link?

And then there’s Amy. I can’t imagine she’d want anything to do with Danny. It took her one date to realize he was hung up on Lisa, and that was before he accidentally chopped off the tip of her finger.

So what do you think, TV Fanatics? Was this a one-and-done outing for Danny, or is it the start of getting his life back?

And will Lisa say yes if Veggie proposes?

Will she talk to Danny about it, and if she does, what will he say?

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