‘Teen Mom’ Cheyenne Floyd Sued After Surviving Drive-By Shooting

A $25,000 lawsuit has been filed against Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd. After narrowly getting away from a drive-by shooting, Cheyenne has struggled to cope with the trauma. Now, she has even more to worry about. Keep reading to see why she’s being sued.

Cheyenne Floyd Struggling After Drive-By Incident

In August 2021, Cheyenne Floyd was in the car with her husband, Zach, and two children, Ryder and Ace. A gunman opened fire at Floyd’s car. To avoid the gunfire, she swerved and wound up wrecking into another vehicle.

She opened up about the traumatic event in a 2022 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Cheyenne said, “You never think it could be you. Or you never think that something like this would happen to you.”

Cheyenne Floyd – YouTube, MTV’s Teen Mom

The Teen Mom star’s husband went on to describe the day. Ryder had a doctor’s appointment that morning and Ace had a check-up. The family hopped into the car like they would on any other day.

Cheyenne looked over at Zach in the car, seeing a green beam on his face. She asked what it was on his face and that is when Zach spotted the gunman.

“I looked at who was holding the gun, and it was somebody we both knew… He’s been in this house… All of a sudden, we start hearing the shots. He hit the car 13 times. We crashed into the back of a Prius. It was the worst feeling in the world,” he said.

According to Cheyenne Floyd, it is a miracle that the family is alive. “God literally covered us that day because every cop that was there said they do not understand how we were alive,” she said.

Recently, Cheyenne has admitted that she is still having a hard time dealing with the trauma from the incident.

Two Plaintiffs File A Lawsuit Against The Teen Mom Star

Two people filed a lawsuit against Cheyenne Floyd as well as the alleged gunman on June 7, 2023. The suit includes personal injury and motor vehicle property damage.

According to the lawsuit, the Plaintiffs lost wages due to the accident. They also suffered loss of use of property, medical expenses, property damage, and various other damages. The Plaintiffs are seeking over $25,000 in the lawsuit.

The court filing states, “Plaintiffs believe and rely on the belief, that Defendant allegedly shot at the vehicle driven by Defendant Kristyn Floyd, which may have contributed to the automobile collision.”

“Plaintiff was stopped at the above-referenced intersection waiting for a red light when his vehicle was rear-ended by the Defendant’s vehicle,” it continues.

The lawsuit then went on to say that the Teen Mom star was negligent in the way she maneuvered her vehicle during the incident, which caused injury to the Plaintiffs and property damage.

Cheyenne’s Response To The Lawsuit

Cheyenne responded to the lawsuit and the claims being made in October 2023. She denied all of the allegations being made and doesn’t think that the Plaintiffs should receive $25,000 in damages or anything at all.

Image: YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

Cheyenne is asking that the case be dismissed. If it isn’t dismissed, the Teen Mom star has asked for a jury trial. However, for now, the non-jury trial is scheduled for December 4, 2023.

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