The Golden Bachelor Episode 3 Recap: The Drama Heats Up

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The Golden Bachelor is already on Week 3, although it feels like the premiere was yesterday. Gerry Turner started the week off with 12 women; his season is moving faster than seasons of The Bachelor typically do. After two weeks of wholesomeness, the drama really picked up during Episode 3, to the surprise of some viewers. From a shocking self-elimination to a surprising feud, here’s everything that went down during The Golden Bachelor Episode 3

Tears and alliances?

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The episode started off on a confusing note, with Gerry sitting down and sobbing. Who hurt Gerry! Unfortunately this is not addressed, and the camera instead pans to the women sitting around the mansion. Several of the women are feeling confident about their connection with Gerry, mainly Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist.

However, some of the other women have different agendas. Kathy reveals that she formed the alliance ASKN along with April, Susan, and Nancy. Their motto is, “If you’re asking, we’re telling.” Insert laughing emoji. Kathy appears to be the ringleader of the group, and notes that she’s annoyed about Theresa flaunting her connection with Gerry to the others. We’ll get back to that later!

The group date is a talent show! ABC/John Fleenor

The tensions in the room are soon forgotten when Jesse Palmer walks in to announce the group date! He reveals that all of the women will be participating in a talent show to impress Gerry, with Kaitlyn Bristowe as a guest judge! The stakes are high since the winner will receive a romantic one-on-one dinner with Gerry. Game on!

Sandra kicks the show off with a comedy routine while Susan shows off her karate skills. Ellen’s talent is teaching sex ed to middle school students. Interesting talent, Ellen. Faith Martin catches Gerry’s attention with a song while Kathy does some push-ups. Leslie impresses the crowd with an elaborate dance routine; she is a professional dancer, after all!

Despite being nervous about going on stage, it is Joan who ultimately catches Gerry’s eye. She reads a humorous and sweet poem about her time with Gerry so far, which wins her first place! Leslie seems disappointed, but admits that she is also happy to see Joan win. We love to see women supporting women!

A complicated turn of events for Joan ABC/John Fleenor

During their one-on-one dinner, Gerry finds himself quickly developing feelings for Joan. He says that he considers it “attractive that Joan put herself out there” and gives her the rose at the night’s end! Joan happily accepts, although their blissful moment unfortunately does not last long.

Joan reveals that her daughter recently had a baby, and that it was a difficult delivery. While Joan wants to stay and continue getting to know Gerry, she ultimately decides to go home since her family needs her. Joan tells the women that she hopes one of them finds love with Gerry, since he is a great guy. He really is!

When Joan breaks the news to Gerry, he understands but gets emotional. He reveals that he was on a high after his date with Joan, and even danced in his room after thinking about her. Awe Gerry, you’re gonna make us cry too! The two share an emotional hug, as Gerry assures Joan that she is doing the right thing.

An elegant date for Ellen

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After the group date, it is now time for the only one-on-one date of the week. Ellen is the lucky recipient, who gets to go and try on elegant dresses with the one and only Martin Costello! We’re jealous Ellen! Ellen eventually chooses a hot pink gown, that truly looks stunning on her!

Gerry is impressed by Ellen, who instantly lifts his spirits. The two go for a romantic hot air balloon ride, and have conversations about how simple their lives used to be. Gerry admits that out of all of the women, he feels he can be the most himself around Ellen. At the end of the date, Ellen gets the rose. Woo hoo!

ASKN vs. Theresa?

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After the dates for the week conclude, tensions are flying high at the cocktail party. Theresa expresses worry about her lack of one on one time with Gerry this week, following their one-on-one from last week. Kathy is also concerned, since she thinks Theresa is confident that she will be the one who ends up with Gerry. While the women are waiting for Gerry, April comments that some of the women need to be more discreet, which catches Theresa’s attention.

Kathy is one of the first women to chat with Gerry, and she tears up after an emotional conversation about her father. Gerry comforts Kathy, who admits that she has had a rough 24 hours. In response, Gerry reveals that he has some real feelings for Kathy after their conversation.

However, Kathy also takes the opportunity to fill Gerry in on what’s been going on in the mansion. She hints at her issues with Theresa, which takes Gerry by surprise. She does not name drop her though, leaving Gerry in limbo. Gerry leaves and returns with a rose for Kathy, which she happily accepts. Wow!

After seeing Kathy’s rose, Theresa pulls her aside to talk. Theresa is shocked to hear that Kathy felt bad after hearing about her connection with Gerry, and evidently felt bad about it. Kathy then explains that she feels like Theresa is “dismissing her,” and says that she feels “like a foregone conclusion.”

Theresa begins to cry, and is comforted in her room by Faith. Gerry later comes in to talk to Theresa, and is shocked to learn that she was who Kathy was referring to. He walks away concerned, unsure of what to do at the rose ceremony.

Ultimately, Theresa receives the final rose, while Edith and Christina are the two women sent home. While they are saying their goodbyes, Theresa tells Kathy that Gerry came to check on her after their conversation. Kathy snaps, and tells Theresa to keep it to herself. Yikes!

The Golden Bachelor continues Thursdays on ABC.


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