Whitney Way Thore Reveals Mental Health Is Shot, Blasts Critics

Whitney Way Thore is currently in Paris, but the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star took the time to complain about critics calling her out for saying “Alabammer.” That came when she and her brother Hunter accompanied Glenn Thore to Alabama to meet her half-sister, Angie’s family.

MBFFL Fans Slam Whitney Way Thore About The ‘Alabammer’ Trip

TLC fans felt shocked because Glenn’s daughter talked in a disparaging way about her family in Alabama. Actually, the entire trip drew criticism. Firstly, she referred to Angie’s family in a superior way. In fact, she came over as arrogant, and TLC fans thought she stereotyped all people from Alabama. On social media. a lot of heat went her way for saying, “Alabammer,” because they felt she was very “rude.” Naturally, they wondered what Angie’s family thought of it.

Whitney Way Thore seemed determined to act in a childish way once the My Big Fat Fabulous Life family arrived in Alabama. Roasted, reality TV fans took her down on social media. Even Glenn claimed he felt “disappointed.” During the entire visit, she seemed to be in competition with her niece, Jaime. In fact, she acted like she was eight years old, fans concluded. Bear in mind, that she’s nearly forty. The whole thing came over as if she were a petulant child oozing jealousy. This week, she reacted to critics who complained about her saying the word “Alabammer.”

Idk if it’s me but Whitney is more annoying this season than Ever! First leave your Dad be. 2nd stop fkn saying AlabamER! It’s Rude at this point…imo. I feel bad for Glen. Can’t she see the poor guy is uncomfortable. I can. #MyBigFatFabLife

— L (@purpleperson71) October 11, 2023

Whitney Way Thore Denies Disrespect To Anyone

Taking to her Instagram on October 12, Glen’s daughter lectured people about her take on “Alabammer.” Actually, she titled her video “Sweet Home Alabammer,” which might add insult to injury to MBFFL fans. The fact that she’s in Paris and taking time to address, it counters her claim that it’s “not” her “business” if “saying Alabammer… annoys the sh-t out of you” Really? Then why spend a lot of time and words justifying it? Anyway, she claimed, “I just wanted to clear up that I do not say that as an insult. I put –er on a lot of words ending in “a” like “drammer” and “Alasker.”’

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Whitney Way Thore denied ‘Alabammer’ was derogatory – Instagram

Reality TV star Whitney Way Thore also said:

…my Alabama family has made similar self-deprecating remarks that you didn’t see (because reality tv is not live-streaming…) and @angieb_2003, @jaimeleighhh_ , @vincentcody5, and Ryne are not offended or upset. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Alabama and it’s been nothing but good to me. ”

‘Mental Health’ Is Shot

Whitney Way Thore also talked about her “mental health,” saying, “If these comments go crazy I will turn them off because my mental health cannot take it and I’m in France just tryna live my best life.” Finally, she said something that so many TLC fans on social media critics can agree with. Many of them already claimed that she needed help with her “mental health.” 

Do you think that the MBFFL star really uses terms like “drammer” and “Alasker” all the time? Speaking of “drammer,” if she really doesn’t care what people say, why take the time out from her vacation in Paris to even address it?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life on Tuesdays on TLC.

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