’90 Day Fiance’ Jenny Slatten Shows Off Sumit’s New Teeth

Jenny Slatten of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance took to her Instagram Stories to show off Sumit Singh’s gorgeous, perfect new teeth. Interested in seeing them? Scroll down to check out what she shared with their Instagram followers.

90 Day Fiance Jenny Slatten Shows Off Sumit’s New Teeth

Jenny Slatten shared a snapshot of Sumit Singh sitting in a vehicle. He flashed a huge smile for the camera as his face oozed confidence.

In a caption attached to the photo, Jenny revealed Sumit’s smile was “so much improved now.” There were animated teeth wiggling beside the caption. At first glance, the animated teeth also looked like a sideways heart.


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Sumit Singh looked dressed in an Autumn fit ready for the chillier temperatures. He paired his stunning new smile with a maroon button-down polo top. The top also had a pocket on the chest.

Unfortunately, the photo was a pretty close shot. So, fans were unable to see below the chest. The sparkle in his eye, however, suggested he was definitely feeling a new level of confidence after getting his teeth fixed.

Check out the animated photo Jenny shared on her Instagram below:

What Has The TLC Couple Been Up To?

Unfortunately for fans of this 90 Day Fiance couple, they haven’t exactly made headlines a lot lately. So, fans have not been able to get many updates on them. Jenny and Sumit, however, do post on Instagram roughly once a week. So, fans can utilize social media for updates from time to time.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Jenny Slatten left fans concerned the last time she made headlines. She made fans concerned because she revealed that Sumit was “unwell.” In August, the couple also made headlines as they celebrated their two-year anniversary. Furthermore, Sumit also made headlines in March as he opened up about continuing to fight people who dislike the age gap between himself and Jenny.


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Just yesterday, Jenny and Sumit took to Instagram to tell their fans and followers a “good morning.” They encouraged everyone to find time to take a break and enjoy some positivity in life.

In the comments, fans pointed out that Jenny Slatten was glowing. And, she looked nearly a decade younger since marrying Sumit. Here’s what some other fans had to say in the comments of this recent post:

“You are the most real couple that was ever on the show. God bless you both”

“You two are so perfect together”

“They really made it work. I’m so happy to see them still together”

“You’re an adorable couple! Seeing the two of you together warms my heart. I can sense the authenticity of your love. I wish you both everlasting happiness and a lifetime filled with love”

What do you think of Sumit Singh’s new teeth? Moreover, do you agree they are a beautiful and authentic couple? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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