Man About The House: 50 Years of Laughs, Saturday, 21.30, Channel 5

We featured Man About The House in these pages a few months back, probably the archetypal suburban seventies sitcom, produced by that archetypal suburban seventies company Thames in Teddington. A big old show in its day too, very quickly making it to number one in the ratings and considered a bit of a naughty show for its day, plus pretty youthful (albeit Richard O’Sullivan was pushing thirty at the start) which made it stand out a bit from the middle-aged, middle-class sitcoms that rather dominated the schedules in that era. Then there were two equally popular spin-offs (and a crap film), and it transferred successfully to the States as well, so well worth celebrating its half century here. Richard O’Sullivan’s been in a bad way for a while but Paula Wilcox, Sally Thomsett and Brian Murphy are still around to contribute, as is co-writer Brian Cooke.

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