Most Iconic Quotes From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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The cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has given us some unforgettable quotes over the years. These ladies are at their best when they are arguing with each other. Let’s just say most of these comments would make your mother blush.

Let’s look back at the most iconic RHOBH quotes. Buckle up!

Season 1: “You’re Such a F**king Liar, Camille.”


The first season started with a bang. Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer faced off during a cast trip to New York City. Camille was reportedly upset by a comment that Kyle made off-camera.

Kyle allegedly said that Camille was too boring to be part of the cast. But Camille’s famous husband at the time, Kelsey Grammer, made up for it. Viewers saw Kyle lose her cool when she denied making the comments. “You’re such a f**king liar, Camille,” Kyle said.

Season 2: “At Least I Don’t Do Crystal Meth in the Bathroom All Night Long, B**ch.”


Brandi Glanville cemented her place in Real Housewives history during this off-the-rails episode. During game night, Brandi was paired with Kyle and her sister, Kim Richards. Of course, Kim complained right away that she didn’t want Brandi on their team.

Brandi, who was on crutches, watched Kim go to the bathroom repeatedly to fix her makeup. Sometimes, Kyle went along with her. Often, Kim was alone.

When Kyle said that Brandi shouldn’t allow her son to pee on someone’s lawn, the mother bear came out. “At least I don’t do crystal meth in the bathroom all night long, b**ch,” Brandi said to Kim. The other ladies were shocked and furious at Brandi. But in a hilarious turn of events, Brandi and Kim later became besties—for a while.

Season 5: “Let’s Talk About the Husband.”


During Season 5, the cast trip to Amsterdam was like an extended dinner party from hell. Kim went after Lisa Rinna. Rinna had been talking about Kim’s sobriety behind her back.

Kim said, “Let’s talk about the husband” while Yolanda Foster was speaking. “Let’s not talk about what you don’t want out,” Kim added. Rinna went on the attack—literally. “You never go after my f**king husband,” Rinna screamed. Then she shattered a glass on the table after reaching for Kim.

So, Kyle did what all good sisters do. She fled the restaurant. Yikes!

Season 5: “Beast? How Dare You!”


Kim also pissed off Rinna’s bestie, Eileen Davidson, during the Amsterdam dinner. Eileen tried to calm Kim down. It didn’t go well.

Kyle’s sister told Eileen to “shut your f**king mouth.” Kim added that she had “enough of you, you beast!” Eileen summoned her soap opera acting experience to deliver her reply. “Beast? How dare you!” she exclaimed. It was glorious.

Season 7: “The Crown Is Heavy, Darlings. So Just Leave It Where It Belongs.”


Lisa Vanderpump’s Season 7 tagline said it all. At the time, she was the queen of RHOBH. And she wasn’t afraid to point out that her co-stars coveted her spot.

Season 9: “Goodbye Kyle!”


Season 9 of RHOBH was Lisa’s swan song. Kyle went to see her longtime friend at Villa Rosa. She wanted to discuss who leaked the “puppy gate” story about Dorit Kemsley. When Kyle accused Lisa of talking to Radar Online, and then refuting the story to TMZ, Lisa was appalled. And her gallant husband, Ken Todd, was enraged.

After Lisa swore on her children’s lives that she didn’t leak the story, Lisa and Ken told Kyle to leave their home. “Goodbye, Kyle!” Ken bellowed at her. A line that will live rent-free in our brains forever.

Season 10: “I Am F**king Denise Richards, Kyle.”

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Actress Denise Richards only lasted two seasons on RHOBH. While her stay was brief, this ragamuffin made it memorable.

During a dispute with Kyle over whether Denise had glam before coming late to an event, Denise uttered her most famous line. In a confessional, she stated, “I am f**king Denise Richards, Kyle.” Then she burned her co-stars by noting that she had been on the cover of a ton of magazines. Easily one of the most iconic phrases from the Beverly Hills franchise.

Season 10: “Ooh, You’re So Angry.”


Rinna and Denise had been friends for years before Denise joined the show. Their friendship ended because Rinna believed that Denise and Brandi allegedly had an affair. Brandi told Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp about it.

Denise denied it. After looking at the text chain in Brandi’s phone, Rinna confronted her friend. Denise maintained that she only saw Brandi a few times. But Rinna didn’t believe it. When Rinna brought up Denise sending off cease and desist letters, Denise turned icy. She asked Rinna who told her that information. “Ooh, you’re so angry,” Rinna responded.

Denise dipped out of the show, and her friendship with Rinna. Do you blame her after that mean girl attack?

Season 12: “The Soap Actress in Lisa Never Leaves Her Body. It Would Take an Exorcism To Get the Soap Actress Out.”


During a wine tasting at her home, Rinna went after Sutton Stracke. A tipsy Rinna said she would “f**king cut [Sutton] down!” Rinna didn’t want anyone to mention her husband or her two daughters.

Now, Sutton wasn’t scared by Rinna’s antics. In her confessional, Sutton said, “The soap actress in Lisa never leaves her body. It would take an exorcism to get the soap actress out.”

All in all, this franchise has given viewers so many iconic sayings. These diamond-holders know how to deliver.


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