‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Dating By Blaine

One of the more unique offerings on Shark Tank this week is a dating advice service. The service is called Dating by Blaine and is based around dating coach Blaine Anderson. The entire idea is geared toward men and gives advice on everything they need to know about dating in today’s world.

Here is what you need to know about Dating by Blaine on Shark Tank and where to buy it.

What is Dating by Blaine on Shark Tank?

Blaine Anderson is a dating coach who grew up in Tucson, Arizona. She used to work as a travel agent, setting up trips to luxurious locations. However, after the pandemic shut down that business, she started looking at a new career and that turned into becoming a dating coach. Since that time, she has picked up attention from everyone from Cosmopolitan to newsgroups like FOX and NBC.

This all started when she was talking to her husband about a possible online course she could teach. She realized there was an untapped opportunity for dating advice on a large digital scale. Blaine said she has always helped her male friends with dating advice since college and decided she could monetize this with a role as an online dating coach.

The Dating by Blaine system is split up into four different coaching programs. These include Texting OS, Online Dating OS, Masterclass, and Jumpstart. Texting OS is a self-study course that teaches men how to text better to build relationships. Online Dating OS focuses on creating a top 1% dating profile with a three-hour course that offers lifetime access. It focuses on the main dating apps.

Masterclass includes self-study, group coaching, and one-on-one attention. This is five hours a week for five weeks and includes both Online Dating OS and Texting OS. Finally, Jumpstart is the only one-on-one coaching program offered by Blaine and is three hours a week for 12 weeks. It also includes access to the Masterclass. Blaine said this is meant to help men feel sexually attractive and achieve better results in dating.

Where to buy Dating by Blaine from Shark Tank

Anyone wanting to buy one of the Dating by Blaine programs after seeing it on Shark Tank can find it at datingbyblaine.com. The front page has a quote from Blaine Anderson that reads, “I help men like you (yes, you!) build confidence, learn to flirt, and land awesome girlfriends.”

Texting OS costs $149 with a two-hour investment and lifetime access. Online Dating OS costs $149 with a three-hour investment and lifetime access. The Dating Masterclass costs $1,295 for a five-week program, at three to five hours a week. It includes both Texting OS and Online Dating OS. Finally, the one-on-one Jumpstart program costs $3,985 and is a 12-week course at three to five hours a week and includes the other programs.

Make sure to catch Shark Tank every Friday on ABC at 8/7c.

What did you think of the Dating By Blaine from Shark Tank this week? Do you think it was worth the investment for the sharks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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