Sharon Osbourne Confirms SHOCKING Euthanasia Plan With Ozzy

Back in 2007, Sharon Osbourne and her husband Ozzy shocked the world with their end-of-life plans. Turns out, the lovebirds have an end-of-life pact that involves euthanasia. Over the years, their pact has come up in conversation during various interviews. The couple has always doubled down on still feeling the same way.

Now, in 2023, nearly two decades later, fans wonder if things have changed. Will Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy still honor their end-of-life euthanasia pact?

Shockingly, Sharon Osbourne confirmed during the latest episode of their podcast called The Osbournes that the end-of-life pact was still on.

What exactly are the details of this shocking agreement between Sharon and Ozzy? Keep reading for the details.

Sharon Osbourne Confirms SHOCKING Euthanasia Plan With Ozzy

It was back in 2007 during an interview with The Mirror that Sharon first opened up about her end-of-life pact with her husband. This was a decision Sharon and Ozzy arrived at after her father Don Arden passed away.

Sharon Osbourne’s father passed away after a rough battle with Alzheimer’s. After watching how he passed away, Ozzy and Sharon agreed they never wanted to end their life that way. So, they decided they would be euthanized if they ever got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.


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In 2014, their end-of-live pact came up during an interview with The Independent. The couple doubled down. Nothing had changed. If they reached a point where their health prevented them from living a normal life, they wanted to be euthanized.

Fast forward to 2023, nothing has changed for Sharon and Ozzy. They have a vow to each other. That they won’t let the other suffer with a crippling health condition that prevents them from living their life.

The Osbournes Discuss Euthanasia

During the most recent episode of their family podcast, Sharon and her children discuss some of the family pets they’ve had throughoug the years. The conversation eventually shifted to euthanasia. Jack joked that he would take a trip to Germany if he needed to euthanize himself. His sister Kelly, however, was a bit confused by the topic. She asked if people could just euthanize themselves. Or, did they need a “legitimate excuse” to do so.

Sharon and Jack both chimed in to clarify that anyone could pursue euthanisia as long as they got “proper approval” beforehand. Kelly proceeded to mention how surprised she was to learn of her parents’ end-of-life pact when it surfaced in media headlines.

Jack asked his mother if that was still the plan. Sharon affirmed by asking if he thought she or Ozzy wanted to suffer. Kelly’s jaw dropped as she clearly disagreed with the pact. Kelly posed a question: “Aren’t we already suffering?”

Kelly asked her mother if the plan was still the plan if they had a health problem they could live with. Sharon chimed in to clarify there was a difference between being alive and living a life.

Sharon explained: “Yeah, but what if you survive and you can’t wipe your own *ss, you’re pissing everywhere, sh*tting everywhere, can’t eat…”

While Kelly was clearly against it, Sharon Osbourne made it clear she nor Ozzy had any intention of existing if she couldn’t also live their lives.

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