‘The View’ Real Reason Whoopi Goldberg Has Been MIA

Fans of The View were left scratching their heads as moderator Whoopi Goldberg was MIA (missing in action) this week. More specifically, she was not sitting at the table with the rest of her co-stars on Wednesday. Was Whoopi Goldberg under the weather? Or, was there a different reason for her absence from the talk show?

Fortunately, this wasn’t one of those situations where fans at home were left in the dark about why Whoopi was missing. In fact, Joy Behar was pretty quick to call attention to her absence. She was quick to call attention to the absence and explain it.

So, what was the real reason she was missing? Keep reading for the explanation.

The View: Real Reason Whoopi Goldberg Has Been MIA

Joy Behar was the first to call attention to Whoopi Goldberg being MIA from Wednesday’s episode of The View. As fans know, Joy frequently fills in for Whoop as the substitute moderator in her absence. Joy Behar has openly admitted she would happily take over as the new moderator on the show if Whoopi ever exited The View.


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Unfortunately, Joy was unable or unwilling to spill the details of why Whoopi was missing from the show. She said it was “exciting.” Moreover, she told viewers they wouldn’t want to miss Monday’s episode. Whoopi would return and she would spill the details. Joy teased “Trust me, it’s a good one.” 

Fans Suspect It Was Sister Act 3 Related

As fans know, Whoopi Goldberg is going to step back into her role as Deloris for Sister Act 3. On Instagram, Whoopi teased fans of The View that she was absent from the show because she was working on something connected to the film. In fact, she uploaded a photo to Instagram featuring herself in Vatican City meeting Pope Francis.


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The View moderator treated her followers to several videos as she explored Rome. Some of the videos were also uploaded to the official Instagram account for The View.

In one video clip, Whoopi teased her followers with the juicy details:

“Maybe, since you’re seeing everything, you’re figuring out what I’m doing here, but picture Sister Act and all the nuns standing here, waiting for the Pope to come out. Maybe that’s going to happen in the new movie. You don’t know. You never know, but we are in Rome, and I am in Vatican City. What could I be doing? Why could I be here? We’ll find out.”

Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long to get answers. Joy Behar promised Whoopi Goldberg would be on Monday’s episode of The View. And, she would be spilling the beans on what she was doing in Rome and if it was connected to Sister Act.

Are you looking forward to a new Sister Act movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on The View.

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