Fans flock to The Block open day

Charming Street, Hampton East, was crammed with fans of The Block on Sunday at the Open for Inspection.

Blockheads, hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft plus foremn Keith & Dan were joined by crowds eager to meet them and step inside the 5 homes ahead of their annual auction.

The ticket allocation was exhausted well ahead of the event, the first held in 4 years largely due to the pandemic.

Executive Producer Julian Cress recently said of the event, “Let’s say when we do an Open Day, the people who come are parents dragged along by their children, and the children have been watching the show for 10 weeks. They get dressed up as their favourite character and these are people who are off the street themselves. They’ve only been celebrities for a few weeks. But they get to spend one day being rockstars.”

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