‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie Edwards Reconciling With Ryan?

Is Teen Mom star Mackenzie Edwards reconciling with her estranged husband, Ryan Edwards? They had an extremely combative romance which helped to land him behind bars. Now that he is out and trying to better himself, is there a chance? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Mackenzie Edwards Reconciling With Ryan?

This has been an extremely rough year for Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards. She filed an order of protection against the former Teen Mom star. Mackenzie feared for her life and detailed the abuse that she had suffered at the hands of her husband. Upon searching, police discovered a loaded AR gun but it just kept getting worse for Ryan. He was in possession of drug paraphernalia and was eventually sentenced to nearly one year behind bars. After several months, he was sent to a rehab facility and seemed to have found love there. She was not the best candidate as she had a tainted past but they appeared happy.


Now, there are questions about Mackenzie and Ryan. Are they thinking about giving their love one more chance now that he has been working on himself? According to yahoo!, this question came up on Sunday, October 15th after Mackenzie shared an old family photo on her social media.  However, she did cut Ryan out but that did not stop fans from questioning what was going on. They asked if she and Ryan were back together to which Mackenzie disputed this. One claimed that she was the one who would not sign the divorce papers.

Mackenzie Edwards-Instagram

Apparently, she also refuted this allegation, as well. So, where did this rumor that Mackenzie Edwards wouldn’t sign the papers come from? She was supposedly in a romance with Josh Panter for a short period of time and it was his ex who spoke out. Brooklynn Panter shared this on Facebook: “*blames the ex wife* but truth be told … goes back to her HUSBAND … who she NEVER divorced, destroyed her home, and treated her ‘so bad.’”

The Ring

Though Mackenzie Edwards has since taken down her family photo, there is another reason why people believe she and Ryan are trying to work it out. She had gone to visit him and was allegedly seen wearing her wedding ring. Yet, Mackenzie was supposedly not supposed to be there in the first place, as played out on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. His mother, Jen shared that Ryan was in hot water over his estranged wife coming by. However, Mackenzie’s side of the story is that she was asked to stop by.

Do you think Mackenzie does want to give it another try but is trying to keep it on the down low? Let us know in the comments below.

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