How to Install M3U Files for Watching Live TV (Best Playlists)

The following tutorial will show you how to install M3U files on any device for watching live TV channels. We also rank the best playlists following the setup instructions.

An M3U playlist is a text file that stores a list of media files, often for streaming live channels, on-demand content, or even music. This file format facilitates playback on video players for flawless streaming.

These playlists are best known in the context of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), where they are used to compile thousands of live channels and VOD content streamed over the Internet.

Playlist with Thousands of Live Channels

Oftentimes, live TV services will provide these playlists to its customers as an easy way to access channels through an IPTV player. This is especially common if a live TV provider does not offer Xtream Codes API login.

While there are thousands of free URLs floating around on the Internet, most of them are either not working or don’t have the proper licensing to broadcast channels legally.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions for setting up these files on an Amazon Firestick. However, this process will work on Fire TV, Android TV/Google TV, IPTV boxes, and other devices.

How to Setup M3U Files

1. Install Downloader from your device’s app store and turn on Unknown Sources from Settings. Use the guide below for more details:

Install Downloader on Firestick

2. Open the Downloader app.

3. From the home screen, select the URL Menu bar.

4. Type 250931 which is a Downloader Code to access the TROYPOINT Toolbox.

5. Wait for the page to launch.

6. From the TROYPOINT Toolbox, scroll down to find IPTV Smarters and click Download.

7. The application will begin to download.

8. When prompted, click Install.

9. When you see the IPTV Smarters Ready to launch message, select Open.

10. You will then encounter the IPTV Smarters home page. Select the device you are using and click Save.

11. Choose Load Your Playlist or File/URL.

12. Click Allow.

13. Enter a Playlist Name of your choice and for Playlist type, select M3U URL.

14. Click Input M3U line.

15. Type your preferred playlist from the list above and click Go. In this example, we are using the Tubi TV Playlist.

16. Select Add User.

17. You will then see User added successfully! Channels will begin to download.

18. You are now presented with the IPTV Smarters home screen. Select Live TV.

19. Your M3U Playlist is now available with all live channel options.

Add More Channels

One of the best features of IPTV Smarters is the ability to add several playlists so you can access even more live channels! Follow the quick steps below for adding additional options.

1. Return to the Smarters home screen and select Switch User.

2. Click Add User.

3. Repeat the process as displayed above. You can do this for as many Playlist URLs as you wish. Enjoy!

Continue reading for more details on the best playlists. We ranked these options based on channel selection, categories, source quality, playback, on-demand content, and feedback from users on Reddit.

Best M3U Playlists 1. IPTV Org

“IPTV Org” is one of the most popular playlists available with over 10,000 live channels in a variety of categories. This is hosted on GitHub and is publicly available to anyone using an IPTV player.

Notable channels offered by “IPTV Org” include AFV, PBS, LOL Network, Pluto TV networks, Adult Swim, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and thousands more. Unfortunately, there is no on-demand content available, but this is common among most free options.

According to the GitHub developers, the channels offered in this playlist are legal to stream on any device. However, users should always use caution with unverified streaming options as our reviews team can’t confirm that “IPTV Org” is 100% legal.


Playlist URL:

Source: GitHub

Number of Channels: Over 10,000


Categories: News, Entertainment, Sports, Comedy, Classic, US, and International

VPN-Friendly: Yes

2. Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is a live TV platform owned by Samsung Electronics that launched in 2015. This playlist provides more than 1,500 live channels and also hundreds of on-demand movies and TV shows!

Some popular channels offered by Samsung TV Plus include CNN, Bloomberg TV, CBS News, LiveNow, ABC News, Hallmark Movies, SportsGrid, Million Dollar Listing, and Tiny House Nation.

If you own a Samsung Smart TV from 2017 onwards, this service may be pre-installed already. We suggest visiting our Samsung TV Plus tutorial for more details on this free platform.


Playlist URL:

Source: Samsung TV Plus

Number of Channels: Over 1,500


Categories: International, News, Entertainment, Comedy, Crime, Sports, and Finance

VPN-Friendly: Yes


While best known for its “XUMO Play” application, the XUMO playlist comes with over 350 live channels in a diverse group of categories. There is also a working electronic program guide (EPG) that will improve your viewing experience.

Some of the popular channels provided by XUMO are NBC Sports, CBS News, Today Show, Fox Sports, PGA Tour, SNL Vault, CBSN, and dozens of NBC local channels.

In addition to the XUMO playlist, users can install the XUMO Play app from popular app stores like Amazon or Google Play and get access to the same type of content.


Playlist URL:

Source: XUMO

Number of Channels: Over 300


Categories: News, Entertainment, Sports, Comedy, Classic, XUMO Originals

VPN-Friendly: Yes

4. Redbox TV

The RedBox TV playlist features over 180 live channels in some excellent categories. Many are familiar with the RedBox kiosks that once transformed the media industry, and this is the same company behind RedBox TV.

Notable channels offered by RedBox TV include AMC Thrillers, Cinevault, World Poker Tour, Gameshow Central, USA Today, Cheddar News, Yahoo Finance, and AccuWeather.

If you don’t want to use the RedBox TV playlist, the RedBox TV application can be installed on any popular device from Google Play, Amazon App Store, and the Roku Channel Store.


Playlist URL:

Source: RedBox TV

Number of Channels: Over 180


Categories: Action, Comedy, Family, Spanish, Movies, Sci-Fi, Horror, Crime, and Classics

VPN-Friendly: Yes

5. Tubi

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