What Does A Firestick Do For A Smart TV?

In this article, we will explain the main differences between an Amazon Firestick and a smart TV which will help you see what a Firestick does for a smart TV and how it can enhance your home entertainment.

What Does An Amazon Firestick Do Differently To A Smart TV?

You can install many third-party Android apps which a Smart TV is unable to do as well as install many different IPTV apps onto your Firestick from the Google Play Store.

If you own a Smart TV then some disadvantages of this when compared to a Firestick is the Smart TVs have smaller CPU and RAM built into them meaning more resource-heavy apps can be slower to load or even cause IPTV freezing and buffering when watching an IPTV stream.

Not only this but most Smart TV brands come with their own operating system such as Samsung (TizenOS), LG TV (WebOS), Phillips (Titan OS), and TCL (TLC OS).

The main issue with Smart TVs having their operating system is they are built just for smart TVs and lack all the capabilities and functionality that devices that run on Android have such as Amazon products like the Firesticlks, Fire TV cube, and Fire TV.

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This means you are stuck with a lot fewer applications to run on Smart TVs. Also, with the lower memory and CPU power they give you so when it comes to IPTV, we recommend not using Smart TVs and grabbing an Amazon Firestick as they are the best and cheapest device to run IPTV on.

What Makes Firesticks Better Than Smart TVs?

The main difference is the OS (Operating System) that Firesticks run on which is a different style well-modified version of Android and allows you to run any Android application on the Firestick that you could on your Android smartphone or tablet.

We found that Firesticks excel over any Smart TV when it comes to IPTV due to the stability, performance, and codec support that the Firestick has built-in.

Also, Amazon Firesticks are ultra-portable meaning you can easily unplug your Firestick and travel anywhere across the globe with it and plug it in and connect to Wifi and you can use the Firestick for YouTube, IPTV, Netflix, and more no matter where you are in the world (Try this with your smart TV).

Also in 2024, there are many ISPs (internet service providers) who are now blocking access to IPTV services meaning you will need to use a VPN to get around this issue with Smart TVs depending on their operating system and brand there sometimes can be little choice when it comes to VPN providers.

With a Firestick, you can easily subscribe to the VPN provider below downloading the VPN app right from the Amazon app store without hassle.

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We highly recommend clicking the button below and using this VPN for your Firestick or any device you use for IPTV to avoid your ISP blocking your IPTV access or bandwidth throttling your network which can cause buffering and freezing with IPTV. Also clicking the button above will save you a cool 82% OFF.

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Final Thoughts

So yes it’s wise of you to stop using your smart TV especially when it comes to IPTV due to Smart TVs having their not-so-good proprietary ecosystem and operating systems and not allowing you full openness to install many different apps as well as lacking the power and performance of what a Amazon firestick has.

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