‘Welcome To Plathville’ Why Is Ethan Plath’s Literacy In Question?

Welcome to Plathville star Ethan Plath‘s literacy is now in question, but why? The eldest son of Kim and Barry Plath said something in a recent episode that got fans wondering how much he knows. Keep reading to find out what sparked this discussion among fans and what is known about Ethan’s literacy and education.

What was Ethan Plath’s education like?

Those familiar with the Plath family may recall that the kids were homeschooled. Today, Kim still homeschools her youngest kids. In the past, fans have questioned the quality of the Plath kids’ education and have pointed out just how sheltered they were. In the first season of Welcome to Plathville, fans watched the children struggle to recognize pop culture icons, from athletes to superheroes.

Now, after the most recent episode aired this week, fans have questions about Ethan Plath’s education, specifically his literacy.

Welcome to Plathville – Ethan Plath YouTube Welcome to Plathville fans question Ethan’s literacy.

In a new Reddit thread, a fan asked about Ethan Plath’s literacy. This question was sparked by Tuesday’s episode, where Ethan and Olivia Plath went out to dinner to celebrate their four-year wedding anniversary. They first went to this restaurant a few years ago. While enjoying their anniversary dinner, they reflected on their past, including their first time dining there.

Ethan joked about how he previously needed pictures on a menu so he could order. He also admitted that it took him 20 minutes to decide what to order because he wasn’t familiar with menus. One fan asked, “I did wonder… What if he can’t read? And if not, maybe this is the underlying root for the hate of his upbringing/education.”

The Welcome to Plathville fan added that it’s possible this is just something funny Ethan Plath does.

In the comments section of the Reddit post, fans are weighing in. One said, “I think he can read but I think never going to restaurants as a child or very rarely going, he probably found it super overwhelming to decide what he wanted off a menu with only words.”

Others think this could be a reflection of his education and his sheltered lifestyle. Someone speculated, “I get the impression that outside of being able to understand their lessons and the Bible, Kim didn’t worry too much about their literacy. I’m sure they can all read, not as well as other people in their age group though.” 


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So, what do you think about Ethan Plath’s literacy? Do you feel that this situation at the restaurant could have been misinterpreted? Or do you think he truly has trouble reading? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Welcome to Plathville stars.

Can Ethan Read?
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