‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans Calls 911 On Her Mother

Breaking newsMTV’s Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has called 911 on her mother Barbara. And, yes, it has something to do with her 14-year-old son, Jace. What exactly is Jenelle accusing her mother of doing? More importantly, is Jace alright? Keep reading for the details on this shocking new Teen Mom update.

Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans Calls 911 On Her Mother

According to an exclusive report from The Sun, Jenelle Evans allegedly called 911 on Wednesday night. She reportedly called 911 to accuse her mother of “hiding” her son Jace.

Now, this 911 call is a bit of a head-scratcher. Jenelle Evans’ son Jace is in the hospital. He’s been in the hospital for nearly a week. Furthermore, the former MTV star is well aware of the fact that her son is in the hospital. So, the source confirming she made the 911 phone call is not really sure why exactly she did it.

Jenelle Evans, David Eason-InstagramJace Has Run Away Three Times Now

As Teen Mom fans who have been following this story know, things are a bit messy. Jace ran away from home on September 28th. This was the third time he tried to run away from home since he was returned to Jenelle’s custody back in March. When Jace ran away this third time, Jenelle called 911. During that call, she did tell police she believed her mother Barbara was hiding her 14-year-old son at her home.

Jenelle Evans’ Son Accused David Of Assault

Jenelle Evans’ son reportedly has accused David Eason of assaulting him. He reportedly ran away from home to get away from David. The teenager also claims there is ring footage that captured the abuse and confirms his claim. Presently, Jace is in the hospital. He is in the custody of CPS. CPS has opened an investigation into the situation.

Furthermore, David Eason did issue a statement on social media saying the entire thing is a huge misunderstanding. Jenelle, on the other hand, has repeatedly asked both fans and media outlets to back off.


Sadly, there have also been reports that Jace has confirmed he will just run away again if he’s returned home to his mother and David Eason. At this time, fans aren’t really sure what to believe. They, however, question why Jenelle is blaming everything on her mother when it was Jace who accused David of attacking him.

Do you think it sounds like Jenelle Evans called 911 and made a false claim on her mother? Is this surprising since she had previously accused her mother of filing a false report about David? Let us know what you think of this latest update in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more updates on the current drama surrounding Jenelle Evans.

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