The Challenge USA: Michelle Fitzgerald Will ‘Never’ Be Friends With Amanda Garcia

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There’s no love lost for Michele Fitzgerald when it comes to at least one of her competitors on The Challenge: USA. The Survivor alum immediately butted heads this season with Challenge vet Amanda Garcia. According to Michele, she has no plans on mending fences.

On Episode 2 of the popular franchise, Michele and Amanda fought over – what else – who voted Michele into an elimination. Michele heatedly told Amanda, “F*ck you, Amanda cause I know you navigated this vote.” To which Amanda replied, “Prove it, bitch.”

Michele recently told Us Weekly, “I don’t foresee us ever talking outside of the game. Listen, inside the game, I respect the fact that she’s a mom and I always ask how [her son] Avonni’s doing, whatever, I keep it simple,” She then added, “But yeah, we’re apple and oranges. We’re never going to be friends.”

Competition outside the arena

Despite Michele making it through that elimination, she continued her issue with Amanda. The contenders switched from fighting about voting to fighting over castmate Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat. Both ladies had a fling with the Challenge lothario, who is known to be a player.

Amanda goaded Michele by saying, “You were big dog out there [in the Arena], be big dog in here. I’m sorry Fessy didn’t want you and he dropped you when he saw me. I’m sorry you hate me for that.” Woof.

Michele responded that Amanda was “petty” and “so hung up” on Faysal. Double woof for fighting over that guy.

Stirring the pot

But whether it’s fighting over the game or a man, Michele thinks that Amanda is all about the drama. She noted, “I think that Amanda does things for shock value. I think that she likes having beef with people.” Michele concluded, “I think that she wants to stir the pot. I think that that’s how she, I don’t know, secures her callback [for future seasons], I guess.”

The Challenge: USA airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS and streams the following day on Paramount+.


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