Mia Thornton Had ‘Hall Pass’ and Married Husband Gordon for Money, He Says

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Real Housewives of Potomac is coming back and from what the trailer revealed, the cast is about to go on a bumpy ride. It looks like Robyn Dixon might finally have to acknowledge her relationship of toxicity and Mia Thornton’s meal ticket is about to walk.

With very convenient timing, the RHOP preview was released for Season 8 and Mia released some news of her own. Gordon Thornton is about to be cut loose for losing funds and Mia is entering her single era. Now Gordon has some choice words for the woman he’ll be paying for a few years. TMZ has the details.

The hall pass of it all

I guess poor Gordon couldn’t do anything right after scooping Mia out of obscurity and making her a lady. But Gordo isn’t going out quietly. Right now he’s basically calling Mia a gold digger and everyone else is like, welcome to the conversation, Gordon.

Currently, Gordon is saying Mia only married him for money. Gee Gordon, you think? He believes Mia saw what Gordon could do for her with his wallet – but now that his wallet is empty, she’s out looking to “upgrade.”

It also turns out that because Gordo was being treated for prostate cancer, he gave Mia a “hall pass” to go out and get the old razzle dazzle with other men. While the hall pass came with boundaries, Gordo claims Mia said “F those boundaries!” and carried on with other gentlemen behind his back. That wasn’t a part of the hall pass agreement, see.

In addition to everything else, Gordon says Mia is out on the streets lying about why she’s packing up and leaving. He also said she keeps mixing up her stories and he’s over it at this point.

Blindsided by the separation

When Mia filed for legal separation, Gordo had no idea what was going on. Not because he’s old, but because Mia had been parading around like everything was cool. On social media, Mia was leading the perfect life, but she was rallying her legal team to serve Gordon with legal docs behind the scenes.

Gordon feels Mia is acting out of pocket and it’s impacting their children. That’s why he has no qualms about talking trash about her, even though that will impact their children as well. He further said he no longer wants to be associated with his estranged wife because he doesn’t trust her. And to that, everyone says, “duh.”

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8 premieres Sunday, November 5th at 8/7c on Bravo. 


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