‘90 Day Fiance’ See Nikki Sanders Before Transitioning, Pic

Nicole “Nikki” Sanders appears in Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance and TLC fans are astonished by her appearance since a photo revealed what she looked like before her transition. From TLC and other outlets, fans are able to see how much she changed. A photo of her, when she was still Jason Torres, really reveals that she started out looking nothing like she does now.

90 Day Fiance Star Nikki Sanders Is Also Known As Nikki Exotika

Nicole already shocked the socks off some TLC fans because she didn’t tell her boyfriend, Justin, a.k.a Igor, that she was born a male. Actually, she did, but he only found out after they lived together in the USA. After meeting via a dating App, they had a lot of arguments. Mostly, she hated that he expected her to do all the cooking and cleaning. So, during a fight, she yelled out her origins. Shocked, he packed up and left for Moldova. But he’s back for a second shot at love.

Justin, Nikki Exotika-YouTube

90 Day Fiance fans already heard that mostly, childhood was not a comfortable time for Jason Torres. At a very young age, he knew he wasn’t a boy inside. Since then, he transitioned into a she and went by the name of Nicole Sanders. Professionally, she’s known as Nikki Exotika. And, exotic really fits her description. According to The Sun, by 2017, she had spent nearly a million dollars on cosmetic surgery. In fact, she gives advice about surgery.

I’m sorry but Nikki Exotica would be the LAST person I would go to for plastic surgery advice. #90DayFiance pic.twitter.com/VNL8VUNios

— Ms. SparklySunshine (@MeishaMimi55) October 9, 2023

The Three Faces Of Nikki Sanders’ Transition

The outlet noted that the “gender reassignment surgery” came at the age of 19. However, she’d already gotten “three nose jobs, two boobs jobs, and an Adam’s apple reduction.” When she totaled up all the surgeries, it amounted to a million dollars. Actually, some work done on her boobs happened when she starred in E!’s reality TV show named Botched. Nicola and E!’s execs don’t have anything to do with each other as a result.

90 Day Fiance – Nikki as Jason Torres, Nicola Sanders, And Nikki Exotika – Instagram.

Her efforts to change into a living Barbie Doll took her on a journey of transition from looking a like cute kid, to an attractive woman, and then like something completely different. On Reddit, reality TV fans seemed shocked. In fact, some of them claim that Nikki Sanders looks like an “alien.”  Meanwhile, others feel sad because they think her mental health can’t be good.

Nikki Exotic youtubeMany Things Done To Change Her Looks

The long list of surgeries includes enhancement of her breasts more than once. Then there were multiple nose jobs for Nicola Sanders. The Sun’s article talked about other things, including “lifts, tucks, fixing botched surgery, voice therapy, and more in her quest to look like Barbie.” The reality TV star even got her toes done. Describing all the changes, she revealed that the reasons were quite simple: she wanted to look “gorgeous, stunning, the ultimate.”

As for all the fillers, the TLC star had “gallons of silicone” to change her appearance since she was a cute little kid.

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