The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity: Oct 11

This week on The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity

For the fifth leg, our celebrity racers are in Langkawi, a cluster of stunning tropical islands off North West Malaysia and a popular holiday destination for tourists. But of course, this is The Amazing Race Australiaand our teams are not here to drink mojitos and work on their tans.

At the end of the last leg, teams were ready to drop their bags and go nuts on the room service after a hectic day of racing, that is until Beau dropped the bombshell that it was a Virtual Pit Stop. A Virtual Pit stop means teams land on the mat, but have to keep on racing, and didn’t they love Beau for it.

Going camping tests the patience of our celebs and emotions are racing. This could be the toughest leg ever on the Race and our stars will need to dig deep to keep on going.

7:30pm Thursday on 10.

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