‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Glove Wrap

This week on Shark Tank, the company behind the Glove Wrap is pitching its product. The sharks will have a chance to see this piece of gear in action and decide it if is worth the investment.

Here is a look at the Glove Wrap product and where you can buy it.

What is Glove Wrap on Shark Tank?

Glove Wrap is a tool for breaking in baseball gloves to ensure they are the best quality for playing. However, it is often a complicated and time-consuming method to break in a baseball glove. The good news for Shark Tank fans is that it lessens the time needed to break in a glove. This will help players get their gloves prepared for game-day use.

The Batarse family from Orange County, California, came up with this product to help them break in new gloves, which came in handy for their eight-year-old baseball-playing son, Gavin. Father Jon is his baseball coach and along with daughter Morgan, they set out to find a way to make breaking in a glove easier. That is when Jon figured out the best way to do this and he created this new product.

The Batarse family designed it with a latex-free, thermoplastic elastomer band designed to apply the optimal pressure to shape the glove. A person places the ball in the glove’s pocket and then wraps the Glove Wrap around it and this starts the breaking-in process. After leaving the glove wrapped overnight, it is ready to use the next morning. This allows the breaking-in process to be easy, with no oils used, and this preserves the life span of the glove.

Where to buy Glove Wrap from Shark Tank

The Glove Wrap is a relatively new product. However, it has picked up a nice following on social media by people touting it. Shark Tank fans who want to know more just have to go to the official website at glovewrap.com to buy it for themselves.

The website says this works for all baseball players, from tee ball to the pros. The good news is that the Glove Wrap is discounted for Shark Tank fans right now. While it normally runs $24.95, the company marked it down to $19.99 as a promotional discount for Shark Tank. It is also available on Amazon for the same price. The family might be counting on their appearance tonight to get them more deals.

Remember to tune in every Friday for Shark Tank at 8/7c on ABC.

What are your thoughts on Glove Wrap featured on Shark Tank? Do you think it was a good investment for the sharks this week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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