Viewers Sickened & Disgusted By ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Poo Date

Bachelor In Paradise is known for pushing the boundaries of reality TV, but some viewers think the show went too far with talk of a ‘poo baby’ followed by a poo date. Keep reading to see some harsh reactions from viewers after the latest episode.

Bachelor In Paradise Gives New Meaning to a Crappy Date

We’ve all had our share of crappy dates, but the ABC show took the term a little too literally.

During the Oct. 12 episode, contestant Sam Jeffries confessed to having some stomach issues. She revealed that she hadn’t had a bowel movement in nine days!

Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

The former Bachelor contestant tried everything from laxatives to changing her diet to no avail. The situation was so dire, the resident Bachelor In Paradise doctor was summoned to help resolve the crappy situation.

Dr. Tenbrink told Jeffries that she had one more day to pass the obstruction before an ER visit and possibly surgical intervention was necessary.

Cue BIP editors creating a running time clock so viewers at home could keep track of the situation.

Jeffries revealed that her bathroom issues almost came to a head during the first Rose Ceremony, where she received a rose from Aaron Schwartzman.

Surprisingly, her constipation didn’t turn him off. Instead, he made her a ‘poopoo platter’ of black coffee, shots of olive oil, taquitos, tacos, beans, and hot sauce to help her relieve herself.

Thus, the first-ever ‘poo date’ in television history.

Sam Jeffries Reacts to ‘Poo Baby’

We’re not sure if it’s the official terminology, but the hot doc dubbed the bowel obstruction a ‘poo baby.’ Sam Jeffries took the moniker and ran with it. She took to her Instagram to share her reaction to the episode’s focus on her bathroom issues.

She shared a photo of her holding a real baby with a poo balloon overhead, writing “poo + baby = poo baby” on the snapshot.

Jeffries also took the opportunity to shout out Aaron Schwartzman by sharing a selfie with him. “We love a supportive man,” she captioned the photo.

Credit: Sam Jeffries InstagramViewers Sickened & Disgusted By Bachelor In Paradise Poo Date

Bachelor Nation fans took to social media to react to the ‘poo baby’ discussion. Many did praise Aaron Schwartzman for his attempt to help Sam Jeffries, with some encouraging her to marry him.

However, not everyone found the bathroom issues funny. One viewer took to social media to share their disgust over the topic. Using a Paris Hilton gif, they wrote, “I’ve been dreading the poo scene all season.”

I’ve been dreading the poo scene all season thank god that’s over #bachelorinparadise

— TrashTVpAnda (@trashtvpanda) October 13, 2023

Another viewer compared the episode to something from TLC.

This is actually a waste of time I didn’t need to know someone is struggling to poo this a isn’t TLC #bachelorinparadise

— INSTIGATOR (@aytotea0) October 13, 2023

The episode ended in a cliffhanger about whether Sam Jeffries was able to eliminate or not. Viewers will have to tune in next week to see if she beat the timer or if she has to head to the ER.

Bachelor In Paradise airs Thursdays at 9 PM on ABC.

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