‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Christine Brown’s Ultimate Diss To Kody

Christine Brown spoilers revealed how she dealt with Kody Brown when he called her up on her anniversary. Of course, everything changed for her after the Sister Wives star left him and moved to Utah. Married now, she can finally show the entire world that she’s done with her ex. Importantly, the TLC veteran also let the father of her six kids know where he stands in her life.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Knows When To Let Go

When the final farewell arrived, it had been a couple of years since Kody and his former third wife felt married. Of course, TLC fans saw everything play out retrospectively. By the time viewers saw Seasons 16 and 17, she had long gone from Flagstaff.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a huge surprise, because TLC fans seem to be excellent sleuths. With her home sold, and photos of Truely on an unfamiliar porch, people put two and two together.

Christine Brown found the courage to pack up Kody Brown’s stuff and send it over to Robyn and Kody’s place. TLC fans were delighted! Then, she had to break the news that she was done. Janelle cheered, but Meri and Robyn seemed a bit shocked. Kody of course, threw a dozen fits about it. However, nothing he said could change her mind. And, that’s because she knew she was done. It was time to let go.

Christine Brown was the most beautiful, vivacious, fun-loving, and effervescent of all @realkodybrown‘s wives, and he was too cocky to cherish her for all she was. She’s found happiness with another man who does cherish her. Hoping Janelle and Meri find the same#sisterwives

— The Mrs. (@nikk2153) October 8, 2023

TLC’s Christine Brown Deflects Kody On Her Anniversary

In a preview for Sunday’s episode of Season 18, Janelle Brown and other friends got together for an “ex Anniversary party.”  Chatting with them, she explained how he’d called her up and suggested they do “a photo together” for her birthday. However, she pulled a face and claimed there was no way that she would do that. After all, she no longer loved him. When ET Online carried a preview for Sister Wives this week, she also talked about how “hard” it is to know when a marriage is over.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown says it’s hard to know when to know when a relationship is done. – TLC – via ET Online.

Christine Brown chatted about how one of her daughters called her. Sitting around a table, enjoying a good time, coincidentally, her phone rang again. Standing up to get the phone,  the Sister Wives star saw that Kody was calling. So, she just declined the call. In fact, the reality TV star had no desire to speak with him at all. Puzzled, in his confessional, Kody claimed he just called to see if “Truely” was with her. However, nobody cared, and they toasted the closing of the past.

Coping With Putting The Past Away

Christine Brown also spoke in her confessional. Clearly, she found it hard to know when it was time to tell the kids; tell Kody, and everyone else. In fact, she had to let the whole “world” know that she was done with her previous circumstances.

Hard or not, she finally found herself in a place to put away the ugliness of her former life.  No wonder all of her friends and Janelle raised a glass to her new life. Wrapping it up, she advised viewers that if they feel miserable, and they “think about divorce, just do it.”

What are your thoughts? Should Kody have left his ex-third wife alone on her anniversary? Do you like the way she just dismissed him? Let us know in the comments below, and tune into TLC at 10:00 p.m. EST on Sundays for new episodes of Sister Wives.

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