Uproar After Scott Disick’s Sexual Comments To Khloe Kardashian

An episode aired on The Kardashians on October 12 featured Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy and ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, 40. The media personality made an inappropriate joke about the American socialite Khloe Kardashian,39, that did not sit well with the fans. Now to the finer details.

Scott Disick’s Untold Misery

A report by The Sun reveals that Disick got involved in a car accident that left his Lamborgini SUV flipped and his back in pain. Khloe recommended a doctor to Disick who would help fix his bad back.

In the episode, the two media personalities are captured going to the doctor to get Disick’s MRI results. While speaking with the physical therapist, Disick laments his suffering. He discloses that he’s been unable to engage in normal physical activities and has gained a lot of weight due to his now limited physical ability.

Scott Disick’s Back Might Need Rapid Measures

Disick confesses to the physical therapist and Khloe that his back is still pretty bad. The physical therapist, Dr. Pat, interprets the MRI results as both good and bad. The good news is Disick’s back is fixable without surgical intervention. The bad news is Disick’s back is on the brink of needing surgery as the only solution. Khloe chimes in and tells Disick to put in effort to save his back and avoid surgery.

Scott Disick – YouTube

While inspecting Scott Disick’s back, Dr. Pat asks what he does for fun with a good back. The media personality interjects with sex but can’t engage in the activity due to his bad back. Khloe cites the reason as motivation enough to get him working on his back.

Scott Disick’s Comment That Spiked An Uproar

After the session with the physical therapist ended, Khloe and Disick walked to the parking garage. The latter discloses that he is motivated to fix his back. He also says he’s been to a spiritual healer, but the shrooms remedy didn’t feel right.

Scott Disick – Instagram

As Disick looks forward to celebrating his 40th birthday with a good back, he joked that he’d like to get Khloe’s clothes off. The Kardashian sister retorted lightly and told Disick that he could have hit his head and might need brain surgery, too. Disick shut down the cringy conversation as he hit a dead end with Khloe.

Fans Weren’t Pleased With Scott Disick’s Comment

Kardashians’ fans weren’t having it. They flocked onto the socialites’ platform and condemned Disick for his sexually inappropriate comment. One fan wasn’t surprised, perhaps due to the personality’s previous conduct.

Will Scott Disick apologize for his cringy comment? Will Khloe Kardashian keep supporting Disick’s recovery journey after revealing his true intentions? Leave a comment and return to TV Shows Ace to find out more.

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