‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Doing It Big, Has Shocking New Career

Teen Mom star Leah Messer has officially scored a new job after making some serious moves to change her career. This has prompted more rumors that the show may come to an end soon. Continue reading to see what Leah Messer is doing now and learn more about the future of the Teen Mom franchise.

Leah Messer Becomes A Licensed Agent

Leah Messer has been studying for years to obtain her real estate license. She started studying for her real estate exams in 2020. Last year, a Teen Mom episode showed her hard at work learning everything she needs to know about her new career path.

In the clip on the show, Leah said, “Last year I started an online course to get my real estate license. In a few weeks I’m taking the exam.” A few viewers called her out for the clip, stating that her notes actually looked like notes for her last book.

“What did she do, dig out an old notepad just to make it look like she was studying in this episode?” one person asked. Others described the entire scene as “embarrassing.”

However, Leah Messer has now obtained her real estate license. On September 20, she hopped on Instagram to share with her fans that she officially passed her exams. Her license was issued five days later.

Not only has she received her license, but she has also landed her first job with a firm. She is currently working for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Central in Cross Lanes, West Virginia.

Other Career Ventures For Leah Messer

Becoming a real estate agent isn’t the only thing Leah is focused on right now either. In early 2021, she filed for a trademark for Go Higher With Purpose. One month beforehand, the Teen Mom star filed for a business license in West Virginia for Leah Messer, LLC.

The services listed under the trademark include, “Personal coaching services in the field of healthy living and health education, women’s interest topics, empowerment, lifestyle, wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency.”

She has said that she also plans to launch a blog, website, and podcast attached to the trademark. Additionally, her real estate brokerage services will be offered under the trademark as well.

Fans Think This May Signal An End To Teen Mom

Leah is one of many Teen Mom stars who have really managed to turn her life around. Now, she is promoting self-love and doing her best to improve her own life.

Image: YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

Many fans think that her real estate license and other projects may be a sign that her reality television career is coming to an end. In fact, a few Teen Mom viewers think that the end of the show is near.

On social media, one person said, “Time to end this franchise. Jumped the shark years ago.” Another person agreed, “I mean they need to. They haven’t been struggling teen moms in a hot minute.”

A few people said that fans follow the Teen Mom stars on social media and keep up with them that way. There’s really no reason to continue the show at this point.

Leah Messer got her start on 16 And Pregnant in 2009. Then she continued her reality TV career on Teen Mom 2 and, later, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

What do you think about the future of Teen Mom? Do you think the show is tired or there is still more to see? Let us know in the comments!

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