Joy Behar Shares New Gig, Is She Leaving ‘The View’?

Part of the original cast on The View, comedian Joy Behar appeared on the show from 1997 to 2013 when she was released. Her absence from The View only lasted until 2015 when she returned and continues to do daily shows. But after another eight-year run, it seems that the host might be looking for a career change after she promoted a new play she is in.

Although most of Joy Behar’s hot moments come from taping The View, the star took part in the recent episode of The View: Behind the Table with producer Brian Teta. The producers happened to be discussing Theresa Caputo, the star behind Long Island Medium, when Behar appeared to commandeer the podcast, admitting, “Wait, I have a play called Get Me Theresa Caputo”.

While Joy Behar quickly remembered her play, she added, “This is a good moment for me to plug my plays”.

“This Is My New Chapter”

Having worked with Behar for some time, Brian let her continue. “Go to our website, and you will see Bonkers in the Boroughs, and you will see where you can buy tickets.” She was sure to add that tickets weren’t “that expensive”. Brian even gave her a helping hand, noting that the play was part of the New York Comedy Festival.

Do I hear $501? Anyone? Anyone?

— Brian Teta (@Brianteta) October 6, 2023

Excited about the upcoming play, Joy Behar relished the fact that she had a part. “I play as someone who can contact the dead.” Not giving away the story, the host snapped at Brian to not “edit that out.”

Brian responded to the command, “I won’t edit that out!” The producer followed that with, “Not that you’ll know, it’s not like you’re gonna listen.” His curt reply was accompanied by, “I will not edit it out.”

Joy Behar’s play at the New York Comedy Festival might come as a shock to some, but the star talked about her writing abilities just last week.

During the taping on October 6, co-host Sunny Hostin encouraged the comedian to discuss her plans ahead of her October 7 birthday. Sara Haines even asked if she was having a party. Admitting to the party, Behar once again seemed irritated. She said, “When I’m not sitting here being interrupted by you biotches, I’m writing plays. This is my new chapter.”

Our @JoyVBehar is taking her plays to the @NYComedyFest next month! See how you can see Joy’s collection of five short plays, ‘Bonkers in the Boroughs’ — get tickets:

— The View (@TheView) October 7, 2023

Joy Behar Not A Fan of Birthdays

With Joy Behar’s 81st birthday falling on a Saturday, the entire cast decided to celebrate on Friday’s show. The only problem – Behar wasn’t having it. After telling them to just do “the show,” the host explained, “I’m just glad I’m alive, Okay? You get to a point where you wake up in the morning saying, ‘I’m still here, my God!”

While fans wonder if Joy Behar plans on leaving The View, the star told PEOPLE she refused to slow down last year. And for The View, she revealed she “signed a contract so I’ll be here for a while.”

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