Infamous BestBuyIPTV Operator FINALLY Sentenced to Prison

The infamous IPTV Service BestBuyIPTV has been shut down by ACE after years of evading law enforcement.

This service is notorious for scamming potential users, creating fake IPTV websites, and even stealing the TROYPOINT name in an attempt to gain new customers.

If you have ever searched for IPTV Services, you have likely stumbled across BestBuy or another website operated by this developer.

He has created countless phony websites mimicking popular services such as Apollo Group TV, Falcon TV, Yeah IPTV, Kemo, and many more listed in our IPTV Resource Guide.

This led BestBuy to top the list of the MPA’s submissions for “Notorious Markets” to the USTR 5 years in a row, most recently in 2023.

We have always preached our dismay for this service and any other services operated by the BestBuy developer and it now seems that their stint of illegal activity has officially come to an end.

In a press release from ACE (Alliance for Creativity & Entertainment), we learned that Le Hai Nam, the operator of BestBuyIPTV, has officially been convicted of copyright infringement for unlawfully broadcasting TV streams.

In a judgment made by Le Hai Yen, the court has ruled that Nam will be sentenced to 30 months in jail and ordered to pay $4,000 USD after more than $24,000 in illegal profit was confiscated.

Judge Hai Yen of the Hanoi People’s Court noted:

The defendant has violated the provisions of the law which protect the copyright and related rights of the Motion Picture Association’s members and the English Premier League, [Such crimes are] a danger to society and needed to be strictly enforced and prosecuted. [The case should] serve as a deterrent to others.

This is a landmark decision and the first-ever criminal sentencing for online copyright infringement in the history of Vietnam. Authorities worked with ACE and the Premier League to locate Hai Nam after years of searching.

Premier League General Counsel Kevin Plumb had the following to say on the conviction:

This result should serve as a stark warning to anyone involved in the illegal supply of Premier League streams in Vietnam. It is the result of a strong partnership between the Vietnamese authorities and local law enforcement, ACE and the Premier League…

The criminal conviction sets a significant precedent for future initiatives aimed at protecting intellectual property rights in Vietnam and beyond.

The MPA (Motion Picture Association) also commented on the situation as Karyn Temple, Senior Executive Vice President and Global General Counsel noted:

IPTV and illegal streaming services continue to have a detrimental effect upon the Vietnamese film and television industry and on those around the world who earn a living working behind and in front of the camera. We eagerly await similar action from Vietnamese law enforcement on other longstanding priority targets engaged in digital piracy on a global scale.

We have seen ACE & The Premier League team up in the past to remove unlawful streaming platforms, most notably the famous Mobdro application which was shut down back in March of 2021.

You can find the original press release from ACE regarding the conviction of the BestBuyIPTV operator at the link below.

Premier League and Ace Commend Vietnam Authorities for Landmark Conviction in Online Piracy Case

We want to know your thoughts on this situation. Have you used BestBuy in the past or been scammed by this operator? Let us know in the comment section below!

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